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JT Burnside joins The Power Is Now as a Real Estate agent. JT Burnside’s ten years of real estate experience offers his clients the comfort of knowing every step of their buying, selling, or leasing process is handled with care and world-class knowledge. His positive outlook, concern for his clients’ best interests, honesty, and emphasis on integrity provide clients with the best possible experience and help alleviate the stress usually associated with real estate transactions. In an industry dominated by overbearing egos and combative situations, JT Burnside is proud that he has always been able to create winning/ideal scenarios for his clients. His attentive nature and desire for his clients to be happy and achieve their goals make working with him a rewarding experience.

Experience and Background:

JT Burnside has been an active real estate agent in Southern California since 2006. Being born in the Inland Empire has allowed him to gain the specialized 10 years of experience needed in this area. The real estate market is ever changing, and he has been able to grasp it in order to educate buyers as well as sellers what is the best course of action to take, whether they are buying or selling real estate.

JT says:

 “The key to my successful interaction with clients has been listening to their wants and needs and giving them information that ultimately helps them make an educated decision pertaining to their transaction. When clients are faced with having to choose a Real Estate Agent, I can say with confidence that choosing an Agent who is part of The Power Is Now is the best choice one could ever make. I am willing to take on any task, no matter how big or small, in order to achieve the results wanted from their real estate transaction. The Power Is Now has created set standards that make us stand out from other competitors. When you want results, you choose the best: The Power Is Now real estate!”

JT has great communication skills when it comes to client interaction he always listens to their wants and needs and gives them information that ultimately helps them make an educated decision pertaining to their transaction. He can help you determine the value of your home and get an accurate estimate for the Rialto City real estate market.

“JT Burnside has a grasp of the Rialto City Market and a commitment to his clients that is second to none,” says Eric Lawrence Frazier MBA, President of The Power Is Now, Inc. “His intelligence and integrity make him a pleasure to work with, and we are honored to have him on our team.”

JT observes, listens, and asks clear questions to better understand each person’s distinct needs. He then invests the time and resources necessary and remains laser-focused until he has helped his clients reach their goals. As a realtor specializing in residential properties, he has always brought abundant energy, creativity, dedication, experience and personal knowledge to his clients. If you are looking for a good agent to help you with the home buying or selling process in Rialto City, then please do not hesitate to call him anytime!

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